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Plans have been submitted for the expansion of a concrete factory site covering no less than 30 acres of Mare Fen, just outside Littleport.  What are now green fields will be permanently concreted over.  The site will also house a factory building 50ft high (higher than St George's Church) and covering an area of over 33,000sqft as well two giant silos 64ft high (higher than four and a half double decker buses).

What was a beautiful fen landscape will be an ugly, noisy and dusty industrial site.  Lorry after lorry is going to create a road hazard.  The cement dust will blow across the new schools.

The same thing happened at Byley in Cheshire (see photo).  Please don't let it happen here.

If you care about our community, our environment and our heritage, help us to STOP it from happening


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