The application is live again and will be re-submitted to the planning committee.  We must make the council planners and the councillors aware of all the facts and of the strength of opposition. 


If you do not approve of this scheme you must make your opposition known.  If you do nothing, it will just happen and we will not be able to turn the clock back. 

To object you should send a letter or email to: Rebecca Saunt, Planning Manager ECDC, The Grange, Nutholt Lane, Ely CB7 4EE or

You may wish to include your own reasons why you want to object or you can mention some of those on this website.  For instance, parents may feel strongly about the dust blowing over the new schools, others may be more concerned about the vast ugly site that will be completely out of character with its surrounds.  Surely, all of us will feel that industrial sites should be built on industrial land, not on farmland.

In addition, please register  on our site (see below) and/or follow us on twitter ( @saveourfens ) for the latest news.
















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