ECDC Screening opinion published -appears to be written by McCann!

ECDC have today published their "screening" opinion which concludes that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is not necessary for this development. (The previous failure to conduct this exercise was the reason the planning approval was quashed in Court.)

It is claimed that the document has been written "on behalf of" (not by) ECDC. However, it only draws upon information provided by McCann with no scrutiny or challenge. Even more worrying is that it takes no account whatsoever of objections that have been raised. It includes as "fact" the biased and inaccurate supplementary noise report even before consultation on this document has taken place.

Despite the High Court ruling, there appears to be another error in law as the screening does not consider the environmental impact of the industrial park as a whole.

All in all the document appears to have been written by McCann via consultants so that ECDC can "tick the box". However, because of its shortcomings, this document will almost certainly lay ECDC open to another legal challenge if it is adopted.

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