Residents to meet with council

Following complaints made by residents, ECDC has agreed to meet with representatives to discuss claims of bias and pre-determination in the handling of this planning application.

A copy of the letter requesting the meeting can be viewed here. The letter was signed by every householder around the proposed site.

At the meeting, residents will set out their concerns about bias seeking answers to questions such as:

"Why are documents submitted by the applicant, which clearly contain errors of fact, not being scrutinised by the council?"

"Why does the council include in its own documents praise for the pre-cast concrete industry?"

Why does the council suggest, laughingly, that a 50ft factory would be "imperceptible" behind a 10ft hedge?"

Why has a councillor on the planning committee described the critical legal requirement to screen for Environmental Impact as a "tick-box exercise"?

We will report back on the answers to these and many, many other questions and concerns that residents have about the process.

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