It has now emerged that the noise reports submitted by FP McCann contain information which is, at best, misleading and, at worst, fraudulent.

We have consistently claimed that the noise reports were severely flawed and we are now vindicated.

Analysis has shown that “readings”, supposedly taken at Littleport, are exactly the same as those submitted for other McCann sites around the country. The “readings” purport to have been taken months apart, at sites hundreds of miles apart on different days, in different yards and in different weather conditions.

Yet the noise reports submitted to support planning applications in Littleport, in Byley, Cheshire and in Cadeby, Leicestershire are all exactly the same to the nearest second and to the nearest decimal point.

One of our criticisms of the reports was that they contained no detail about where and when the readings were taken. We now know why.

An independent noise specialist has now analysed the data in McCann’s reports and rubbished the poor methodology and its invalid conclusion which was that the new site will not have a noise impact on nearby properties. The independent report concludes that the impact will be “significant”.

This is hardly surprising. How can anybody truly believe that a 30-acre site manufacturing concrete in two factories will not be noisy?!!

Copies of the identical noise reports have been supplied to ECDC who will be taking up the matter with FP McCann. We will be writing to the Chief Exec of the noise consultancy used by FP McCann and also to their industry body.

We’ll keep you posted.

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