Council says factory will be "imperceptible" but report is legally flawed (again)

Objectors have responded to the new environmental report issued by ECDC. Written by consultants, and working from information provided by McCann, it says that the new factory - which is over 33,000sqft in area, 50ft high and with silos 64ft high - will be "imperceptible". This contradicts previous comments made by council's own staff and even by McCann who have conceded the visual impact of the factory will be "significant". Yet the report manages to conclude that the impact of the entire site, which will be five times the area of the new Ely Leisure Village, will be "not significant".

We think that the council was wrong before about the environmental impact of this dreadful proposal. The High Court agreed. But, instead of holding their hands up, they are now running around trying to cover their backside and justify that wrong decision. Our message to the council is "when you are in a hole, stop digging". This latest report, which still suggests that a full Environmental Assessment (EIA) is unnecessary, is biased and flawed. Our solicitors have also advised that the approach taken by ECDC is, again, unlawful.

We remain hopeful that the Secretary of State will look objectively at all the information and direct ECDC to require a full Environmental Assessment to be conducted.

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