And so it drags on...

The first blog since last August and, unbelievably, the saga continues.

McCann waited until December to submit a raft of documents in the hope that the consultation period on them would take place over Christmas and they would slip through unnoticed (they tried this tactic before). At the same time, they also tried to set up a private meeting with the council planners to do a "deal" on the noise impact and to then "bounce" the planners into putting the half-baked new proposals to the committee. Both tactics failed.

The council rightly rejected the private meeting as being highly inappropriate and experts in various fields questioned the accuracy of the new information submitted, especially on noise and the impact on local wildlife. In particular, photographic evidence was submitted demonstrating that swans from Welney use this and adjacent fields (which McCann had tried to deny). McCann were sent away again to come up with something better. It has taken another five months...

A further batch of documents was submitted in April. Rather than taking the noise and local wildlife impacts into account, these documents are just another attempt to force through the proposals whatever damage is caused. This new batch of documents has been issued for consultation which closes on 15 May. We are writing to subscribers to this site to encourage them to restate their objections as previous objections have simply been ignored.

If you want to help us stop this disaster, please subscribe to the website.

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