More consultation - this time, noise

Another round of consultation has been issued about McCann's latest efforts to persuade the planners and their experts that the new site will not be noisy. These latest documents are currently being assessed and we will post the analysis here shortly.

McCann remain unable to show that the site will not be noisy but it appears that they are now trying to rely on planning conditions to get their plans approved. This will be an unacceptable "fudge" and we do not think the planners will fall for it - not least because McCann have demonstrated that they cannot be trusted to keep promises and also because any planning conditions will simply be unenforceable. (We are also advised that such an approach will not be legal as regards the need to assess the environmental impact of the plans.)

Forget the science, who really believes, in their heart of hearts, that a massive site manufacturing concrete will not cause a noise disturbance to its neighbours?

More to follow shortly...

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