Noise - the threat of a "fudge"

Analysis of the latest documents on noise has been completed. This analysis shows that important noisy activities remain excluded and also highlights the prospect of a "fudge" being put together on this important impact.

There is evidence that the council's advisors have been talking directly to McCann's retained noise consultants, but not to the residents, in an attempt to reach some sort of "agreement" on the noise impact. But the challenge for them to show that a cement manufacturing factory will not be noisy remains. This is because heavy industry such as this IS noisy and, in truth, everybody knows it.

There should be more to come on noise because the council's consultants have requested yet more information from McCann on this subject. It is expected that planners will issue another consultation when this is to hand. Hopefully, McCann will finally include noisy activities that have so far been omitted (such as the routine banging of giant moulds) and other activities that have been denied altogether (such as the regular use of reversing bleepers). We hope this will happen but we're not holding our breath...

The big fear is that the council eventually just hide behind planning conditions on noise. Simply telling this Company that they must not be a noise nuisance otherwise they could get a slap on the wrist would be no more than a cop-out. However, having now seen first-hand how this Company operates, we expect that the planners will continue to be prudent and professional in their desire to unearth the truth.

Excessive noise pollution is just one more example of the environmental damage that would be caused by allowing this activity to be built in the wrong place. Heavy industry belongs on sites allocated for this purpose not on farmland, on a flood plain close to where people live and where wildlife currently flourishes.

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