McCann starts building work – without planning permission

For some months, McCann have been doing building work including using the land that should first be the subject of planning approval. Complaints were made to the council but it took them a few months to investigate. The council has recently conceded that McCann is indeed in breach of planning controls but, astonishingly, have told residents that they do not propose to take any action at present.

Residents are continuing to press for enforcement action to be taken. This Company seems to stick up two fingers to the planning authorities and to residents. It cannot be allowed to behave this way.

We hope that the planners will understand that McCann cannot be trusted. The big fear is that, later on, the council may be tempted to rely on planning conditions to allow this environmental disaster to go ahead. In other words, they will grant planning permission based on promises and certain conditions around such things as noise, pollution, working hours etc.

The result? Over in Ireland, McCann’s family shareholders will laugh all the way to the bank and, back here, our Fen landscape, our local environment and community will be left devastated. And devastated in a manner that cannot be reversed.

And devastated in a manner that cannot be reversed.

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