Independent report rubbishes McCann's "dodgy dossiers" on noise

A further report by the council’s independent noise consultants (AAP) has proved conclusively that the proposals will create an unacceptable noise disturbance. This follows visits to the site and their own measurements which finally give the lie to a series of “dodgy dossiers” from McCann claiming the noise impact of a giant factory manufacturing concrete would be “not significant”.

McCann has not (cannot) contest this collusion so has now switched tactics and is trying to bully the council into accepting their “promises” that the noise levels will not be excessive – through the application of planning conditions. Planners will surely reject this because the promises cannot be enforced and there is no reason whatsoever to believe that McCann will keep them. They are, in fact, currently breaching planning law on the proposed site yet the council seems unable or unwilling to take any action.

The way forward for the planners must now be to require a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the plan which will expose the devasting environmental damage. Only then will decision makers finally be in a position to make a fair assessment.

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