Planning Inspector announces timetable – last chance to OBJECT!

The timetable for the planning inspector to consider McCann’s appeal has now been announced. Objectors have until 6 May to submit objections. It is important that all those opposed to the plans make their views known to the inspector. How to do this at the end of this blog.

We have been reviewing the information supplied by McCann to the inspector. It comes as no surprise that their “statement of case” is full of inaccurate and misleading information. It fails to mention several damaging aspects of its plans. It ignores the climate emergency. There seems little doubt that the intention is to get somebody not familiar with the true facts, and acting in all good faith, to allow them to proceed with this devastation. They are asking the planning inspector in Bristol to make the decision, and providing him with false information, because, here in Littleport, they have been rumbled. They are frightened that, if they do not ask somebody else, the local planning committee will protect our community and throw out the plan.

In their submission, McCann fires broadsides at the council planning officer who it now accuses of bias. (This is the same officer that previously recommended that their scheme be approved.) McCann also twists the facts about the noise disturbance and tries to turn the clock back to when their first application was submitted (the one that was thrown out in the High Court). The reason for this is because, back then, the true nature of their proposals had not been exposed.

Those opposed must now submit their objection to the planning inspector – even if they have already submitted an objection to ECDC. Individual objectors will have their own reasons but amongst the most important are: the damage to the environment and the massively negative impact this will have on the council’s carbon reduction policy; the increased flood risk; the risk of dust and water pollution; the loss of agricultural land; the damage to wildlife; the fact that more suitable sites are available; the increased risk of traffic accidents and, contrary to their claims, the damage this will cause to the local economy. The site will be ugly, dirty, dusty and noisy. It must not be allowed to happen.

You can object online at (the case number is 3243700). Alternatively, you can write to The Planning Inspector, 3c Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol BS1 6PN.

If you need any help in submitting your objection, please drop us a line at We will be pleased to help.

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