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extending the extending site into adjoining farmland so that the new site will cover 30 acres

The existing concrete works cover about 4.75 hectares fronting on to Wisbech Road and extending into Mare Fen at the rear.  The proposed expansion will cover a further 7.5 hectares all of which is currently farmland.  The site will extend to the north and west across Mare Fen, wrapping around the existing Thurlow Nunn Standen building and behind two residential properties across to Little Mare Fen Drove.  The expansion will more than double the size of the entire existing industrial site .  A request has been submitted to extend into another two fields as soon as this application is approved.  The vast site will be the defining feature of the area and Littleport, in the words of the Ely Standard, will become "the concrete capital of the Fens."

building a new concrete factory 50ft high and 33,000sqft in area;

The new site will include a new concrete production facility on what is currently farmland.  This massive building will be 50ft high (higher than four and a half double-decker buses) and cover an area of about 33,000 square feet.  It will be sited just behind two residential properties alongside Little Mare Fen Drove.  

building two new silos 64ft in height to store cement;

The site will include new silos 64 ft high which will be used to store cement.  These silos and the new the new production shed will be massively out of scale with the other buildings on the industrial estate and be clearly visible to local residents and from the A10.  They are so large and so prominent that they are likely to become the defining features of Littleport.  In its planning submission, F P McCann concede that the new building will damage the appearance of the Fen for all those living within half a mile of the site.  However, they claim that the building will be less visible from more than half a mile away because it is grey.

extending an existing building by a further 2,400sqft and an existing crane by 80ft;

In addition to the new building and silos, the submission includes a proposal to extend the existing shed by a further 2,400sqft.  In parallel with this, it is proposed to extend the existing crane rails by a further 80ft.

installing floodlighting on 20ft poles around the perimeter and surrounding the whole site with a 6ft high security fence.

The new site will be surrounded by security fencing 6ft high with floodlights mounted on 20ft poles around the perimeter and within the compound.  It will look like a prison camp.  McCann claim the lights are for "security" but they will be turned off at night.  And, anyway, who steals blocks of pre-cast concrete?  We think the floodlights are to facilitate night-working in the future.  

Once this is done there are plans for 7-day working and to extend the site still further into two adjacent fields

FP McCann have already submitted new proposals to further extend the site once this expansion has taken place.  They call this further expansion into two more fields "logical".  The new site will sprawl across Mare Fen changing the nature of the town and its landscape forever.  They have also sneaked into recent reports their plan to work 7am - 7pm Monday - Sunday.

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